Just Love it!  By or laor stern

Just Love it! a friend got me this product a while ago and it is amazing! it work so much better than every other products I tried, even the regular face cream I brought with me from Israel. going to order another one here for sure.


The Battle of the look of getting older!! By Tabitha

I know like most women we don’t like to get older let alone battle the look of getting. This Anti agine Serum for the face is amazing. I have used it it for a while and it truely does what it say’s it does, it Reduces Lines plus Wrinkles and Boost Collagen Synthesis for Beautiful Glowing Skin in just a short period of time. I am going to continue using this for I want to be 40 and look like I am 20 so every one can say that I battled the look of aging by looking young. I have and will continue to recomend this to all of my friends to what to battle the look of getting older!!


The product really works and it doesn’t cost the earth! By Rwhiting102

My daughters bought this product for my birthday as I approach the big 40. I have been using this anti-aging serum sor the last 3 months and I am seeing and feeling the results. I love the glow on my face and those fine wrinkle lines are fading.


My face and complexion is pretty much fried. By Christine Nguyen

Living on a sailboat and being exposed by the sun constantly, my face and complexion is pretty much fried. I didn’t know how bad until I got home to my sisters to visit and they recommended this new product on amazon. I was very skeptical at first, but not being an expert at this and my sisters’ letting me use their product for free, I used it. I could not believe how smooth my skin looked in a few days and in a week, my skin was not only smoother, but it looked less ravaged. In a few weeks time, I noticed that my complexion had an overall improvement in everything – the texture, the feel, the look – I even had a faint glow to my skin. Now, I’m a convert and I use this stuff religiously (even bought my own). I highly recommend this for anyone that goes out in the sun a lot!


Good Stuff! By Scriber57

When we reach the age of 50, everything seems to start going down hill, even the wrinkles on your face. We’ll that was one thing I could control with this product. My skin is younger looking and I’ve had several compliments that I look younger. I would definitely recommend this product.


#1 in my book! By LilMar

I lay out in the sun on a regular basis, plus, I ride on a motorcycle weekly, this serum has helped to keep my skin from looking like aged parchment and I have had no bad reaction to it. In my bag, it’s the number one Item I keep for taking care of my skin. Great product and it smells nice, too!


This Anti-Aging Serum Works Wonders. By Shindi

My daughter presented me with La Balleza Anti-Aging Serum for mother’s day and it really works. Aging comes to all of us, but we can age gracefully by keeping our skin moisturized. I have been using this anti-aging serum since my daughter gave it to me and I am seeing the results. I love the glow on my face and those fine wrinkle lines are fading. The price is right and so is the product.


Crazy good! By Mike

There’s really nothing to say. This stuff is awesome. Try it. If you don’t like it, don’t buy any more, but you have got to try it. Crows feet are a thing of the past.
Wonder if it’ll get rid of the gray hairs….. maybe if I shampoo with it? Doubtful, but it’s certainly great on my face!


Brilliant Stuff. By Julie

I was given this as a gift and I was a bit skeptical that it would even make a slight difference but I was so wrong. This has improved my skin 100% I can see a drastic reduction in the small lines on my face. My skin feels much softer and looks much better. I highly recommend this if you are concerned about age lines and dull skin.


More Bang for your Buck. By DMS

I purchased a bottle of this a while back before listing on Amazon, and can see the benefits of this anti aging serum when I look in the mirror every morning. I like the fact that not only is the price good (you get twice the amount of serum – 2 ounces – for the same price I used to get for 1 ounce with another brand) but I can tell a definite difference in the texture of my skin and appreciate the way it makes my skin glow after use. Because you don’t need to slather your face and neck with the serum (2 pumps covers mine just fine) the product will last me for quite some time. This is one anti aging product that I’m going to buy again due to the positive results – and I didn’t have to wait 2 or 3 months to see those results.

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