My skin is really smooth

I have been using the serums for about a week. Use the “C” during day, under moisturizer & the “H” one @ nite under my firming DMAE nite cream. I have noticed that skin is, and stays subtle-moist during day and is so when I get up in the morning also. I have only been using it for 7 days, because had something I wanted to use up. Cost considerably more, so don’t and can’t waste a good product.

I won’t mention any names, but do see a difference since starting to use the serums. My skin is really smooth. I had noticed that when I smiled, that I was having some little wrinkles show up in the lower cheek area, just above the jawline. Since using the serums, have taken notice that the lines are not as pronounced as they were, when I smile. I also have some lines in my forehead, that I hate, so am keeping an eye on them also. They don’t seem to be as pronounced either. I have also used some of the “C” serum on my hands. I used to have some brown spots on my hands, that I had removed and do not want them to return. I’ve used another serum on them and have kept them at bay, meaning they have not returned. Also, the serum in good for the decollete area, where I also have some brown spots. It does help the creepiness. Hate this area, and hopefully will see a profound difference and smoothness as I continue to use the product.

Part of my routine, is too do a peel at least every 2-3 weeks. Use a Microdermabrasion Scrub/cleanser twice a week, especially, if I have been wearing makeup every day.
It just helps to exfoliate, slough off dead cells, making the skin smooth. I also alternate using a Mud mask one or two times a week, depending on how stressful of a week it’s been. The idea is to slough off dead cells, so that new ones come forth. You do not want to strip the skin, so one has to be careful in the use of all these products. I really make sure to hydrate, by not only applying such products to my skin, but also by making sure that I drink enough water.

I found that using the serums after doing a peel, scrub or mask, is most effective. It’s the perfect time to use them for the skin is hungry & vitamin “C” serum and Hydrolonic serum are the perfect products to use, And they can be absorbed into the skin very easily. You then can, after serum has been applied and absorbed, follow with your daily moisture cream, preferably with an SPF 15 to 30; or your nite cream of choice.

Don’t forget an eye cream, both daytime & at nite.

Good luck with your daily regime.

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