Meet Our Cosmotologist

Carole Scheidler

Bio of Carole Scheidler
(Cosmotologist Expert)

Carole is our master-licensed cosmetologist & worked as a hairdresser in 3 high tech salons in Indianapolis, USA

She was a Beauty Supervisor consultant job for Helena Rubinstien & traveled 3 states calling on department store accounts, training & supervising consultants representing the line. This included traveling throughout the US, as a training supervisor for special 1-2 day Cosmetic/Treatment training classes for up to 150+ consultants.

After 5 years, she joined Clairol & performed similar duties for a period of 5 yrs, until the position was illuminated. At which time she became a Supervisor/Consultant for Coty cosmetics & once again holding a similar position for 6 yrs. During which time, she won several contests for merchandizing, top training consultant & building special product displays.
She then attained a position as director of a Germaine Montiel spa in a dept store for a short time, thus directing her to becoming a manager of a leading high fashion Hair salon in Indianapolis. At which time she was recruited to once again travel & give cosmetic & treatment classes of Shakely.

She then became a freelance makeup/hair artist, in the world of Commercial Production, in film, video, movies & photo production for national, local commercials, video’s, photos for major company’s, sports & TV Affiliates & stations.

She has her own company and is still actively applying makeup for all these venues & also does weddings & personal consultations for treatment & makeup.